Participating NPO: Little Eden Society

About Participating NPO: Little Eden Society : LITTLE EDEN was started by a 49 year old housewife and mother of six. Domitilla Rota Hyams (1918-2011) knew nothing about social work and had no money or government backing. But she was a brave and determined person with an unshakable faith in God’s divine purpose. Today, LITTLE EDEN … Read more

Participating NPO: SA Defence Force Association

About SA Defence Force Association : Military veterans should be acknowledged for their contribution to the development of the RSA. Men, and women that made sacrifices and served their Country with honor and dignity. People that had served their Country unselfishly and deserves to be recognized, remembered and be taken care of. The South African Defence Force … Read more

Participating NPO: NG Gemeente Dinwiddie

About NG Gemeente Dinwiddie : NG Gemeente Dinwiddie is the heart of our communities, providing a safe haven for spiritual growth, community building, and service to others. Your donations help support: Your generosity helps spread love, kindness, and compassion far and wide! By donating to the church, you’re investing in the well-being of your community and … Read more

Participating NPO: Pink Drive

About Pink Drive  : Follow our Mobile Health Units on the move as we travel across South Africa, taking much needed health services to citizens without access to reasonable healthcare who reside in areas where health services do not reach, with the message “Early detection will help to prolong a life.” Promoting awareness and early detection of, and screening for … Read more

Participating School: Hoerskool John Vorster

About Hoerskool John Vorster  : John Vorster Hoërskool aims to embody in a special way the broad educational goal, namely to guide young people to adulthood. This guidance first involves the creation of a climate of acceptance and loving involvement with each child – the creating an atmosphere in which every child feels safe and secure … Read more

Participating NPO: WRAPD

About West Rand Association for Persons with Disabilities  : Our objective is to promote the treatment, education, training, employment and general welfare of persons with disabilities. The Association came into being in 1947 as the then West Rand Cripple Care Association as a direct result of the outbreak of a Polio epidemic. The Association had since … Read more

Participating NPO: Zandunay’s Angels

About Zandunay’s Angels : A non profit organisation – helping those in need, collecting clothes, baby goods, linen, food,furniture etc. If you have any unwanted goods, or want to support their old folks and kids Christmas party, get in touch with them! With the help of volunteers and donations from the public, they ensure that many … Read more

Participating School: Laerskool Tini Vorster

About Laerskool Tini Vorster : Tini Vorster Primary School has dedicated staff who are involved with every pupil. Personal attention is given to each pupil’s performance and problems. The teachers are the cream of the teaching staff and their stability ensures the best results for the school. Here, friendships are built up over the years between … Read more

Participating NPO: The Potters Haven

About The Potters Haven : The Potters Haven have been providing a service to their community for the last 25 years… We started off as a Place of Safety for children and since the registration of our NPO on the 26th of July 2012 have changed from Place of Safety to a Foster House for Children … Read more

Participating NPO: Lesedi Community Centre

About Lesedi Community Centre : According to statistics 56% of South Africa can be considered poor. Lesedi Community Centre aims to address this dire situation. Lesedi Community Centre has the capacity to make a difference. Our vision is to feed, house, uplift and train the destitute, poor and broken in the community to again make a … Read more