Participating NPO: The Potters Haven

About The Potters Haven : The Potters Haven have been providing a service to their community for the last 25 years… We started off as a Place of Safety for children and since the registration of our NPO on the 26th of July 2012 have changed from Place of Safety to a Foster House for Children … Read more

Participating NPO: Lesedi Community Centre

About Lesedi Community Centre : According to statistics 56% of South Africa can be considered poor. Lesedi Community Centre aims to address this dire situation. Lesedi Community Centre has the capacity to make a difference. Our vision is to feed, house, uplift and train the destitute, poor and broken in the community to again make a … Read more

Participating NPO: Bet On Better

About Bet On Better : We aim to provide a positive, interactive platform for SA’s rising stars to share their success stories and appeal for assistance or support from our amazing community in achieving even further heights. The need in South Africa is so great, that I believe that is our civic responsibility to help fellow … Read more

Participating NPO: Avril Elizabeth Home 

About Avril Elizabeth Home : The Avril Elizabeth Home is dedicated to providing exceptional residential and day care to intellectually disabled people of all ages and races. Avril Elizabeth Home was officially opened in 1970 by Sheila Suttner, a social worker. Before opening the Home, Sheila worked at the Selwyn Segal Centre, a home for intellectually … Read more

Participating NPO: Masincedane (Helpmekaar) Club 

About Masincedane (Helpmekaar) Club : To create a place where the dignity and quality of life of mentally and/or physically disabled persons, from 19 to 55 years, can be improved on a day care basis by providing stimulation through constructive and meaningful activities. So, integration into the community, as well as the establishment of a social … Read more

Participating NPO: Heidelberg Autism Centre

About Heidelberg Autism Centre: Heidelberg Autism Centre is a Non-profit organisation where chlidren with autism find specialised therapy, learning, and life skills for ages 3 – 18. Scan this QR Code OR Click on the link & Support this NPO – BUY YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS TODAY:

Participating NPO: Cantare Children’s Choir

About Cantare Children’s Choir: The Cantare Organisation consists of children and youth aged between 6 and 24 years from the Southern Gauteng and Greater Ekurhuleni district. The Children’s Choir was founded in 1995 in collaboration with the Southern Gauteng Education Department. The Cantare Choir has excelled as one of the best children’s choirs in South … Read more

Participating NPO: SAVF

About SAVF: We are committed to creating safe spaces for those in need, offering foster care and safe homes to vulnerable children. Through our child protection initiatives, we stand as advocates for the rights and safety of the young ones under our care. Our preventative and therapeutic programs provide essential resources, aiding individuals in overcoming … Read more

Participating NPO: The Sweetheart Foundation

About The Sweetheart Foundation: The sweethearts Foundation provides wheelchairs to those in need through the Tops and Tags initiative where plastic bottle tops and bread tags are recycled in exchange for wheelchairs. Our impact is maximised by the generous donations received which help us help children who require customised wheelchairs. By recycling plastic tops and … Read more

Participating NPO: Fochville Farming Community Group

About Fochville Farming Community Group: This small mining town is rural, having been created as an agricultural center around 1920. The N12 runs between Johannesburg and Potchefstroom. Fochville has historical value and is an intriguing stopover located just over an hour outside of Johannesburg and two hours from Pretoria. Merafong is in financial trouble. Service … Read more