Participating NPO: Soul Outreach

About Soul Outreach:

We are a non-profit organisation situated in Brakpan. We were established in March 2019 when a group of dedicated fundraisers made it their mission to go out into the community to try to establish the severity of the need in poverty stricken areas.

In 2020, we opened our overnight shelter to help people to get back on there feet. Currently we are assisting 30 people in the shelter and we help them to find employment and get there own place. Each month we provide over 6000 meals with our feeding scheme. Soul Outreach is currently helping Ebenhaeser, Red Cross, Lig Huis, Eric Holdtman old age homes. The shelter provides a bed, hot shower and two
meals. Our premises is a non drug tolerance environment and each person gets tested randomly
to keep it that way.

Our aim is to provide food parcels to the needy, care packages including toiletries etc. We would also like to assist with stationery and school uniforms where necessary.

A qualified councillor will assist families with problem children or families in general. We will visit old age homes and spend time with the pensioners and provide care packages and entertainment and treats.

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