Participating NPO: SAVF

About SAVF:

We are committed to creating safe spaces for those in need, offering foster care and safe homes to vulnerable children. Through our child protection initiatives, we stand as advocates for the rights and safety of the young ones under our care. Our preventative and therapeutic programs provide essential resources, aiding individuals in overcoming challenges and building resilient futures.

AVF extends its caring touch to the elderly, ensuring they receive the respect and support they deserve. Our aged care services provide comfort and companionship, enhancing the quality of life for our elderly citizens. We also offer housing solutions, luncheon clubs, and home support services, creating a strong support network for seniors.

Every statistic we quote represents a person – a child, an adult, or an elderly individual – each with their unique circumstances and needs, reached and touched by SAVF. In 2021 alone, our services and outreach projects reached a staggering 164,154 individuals, demonstrating the breadth and depth of our impact.

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