Participating NPO: i4118 Foundation

About i4118 Foundation:

Our vision is to raise a generation to become meaningful participants of society! We believe that through long term activity-based mentorship we can nurture a future generation who will be committed to positive family and community values.

Currently more than 65% of children in South Africa are growing up in single parent homes. If you consider the significant role that parents play in the lives of children to establish a value system, set discipline and give a sense of identity, then you can understand why more than 80% of prisoners come from homes with absent fathers or no positive male role models and why South Africa is considered the rape capital of the world!

We build strong relationships that allow us to speak into the lives of the boys and girls as we get to hear and see more and more of the challenges they face.

Whilst we cannot change the circumstances or environment our boys and girls live in, we can help them to learn how to make better decisions to cope with their circumstances and break the behavioural cycles that bind them

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